Biggest: The Beginning

August 29, 2019


so now we continue . . . 

BIGGEST: The Serial   Introduction

“You must let your nearest and dearest go to hell when they are no longer any use to you.”

-Aristotle Onassis to Winston Churchill on board Onassis’s yacht, Christina, 1958.

Lakes Region Courant

November 1993, Laconia, NH 

In which we meet Hannah Timmons, staff news writer, features writer, sports writer, and whatever else she can talk the editors into handing her. The other writers don’t care so much. Takes a load off their backs. Also in which we meet Sam Powell, news editor of the Lakes Region Courant and member of the Laconia Lakeview Yacht Club. He no longer sails thanks to arthritis, but the clubhouse drinks are cheap. 

State Senator Ari Mitsakis’s statement:

The boy now possesses the biggest and most enduring 20th century symbol of New Hampshire’s small but mighty presence on the world’s political stage. As it should be. Aristotle Onassis also was small of stature, but his reach was vast, greater than many may ever know. And while his world-wide net never could catch New Hampshire, we are now united forever as his yacht comes home to our small but mighty seacoast. 

“That’s a little pretentious, isn’t it?” said Hannah, handing the paper she’d just ripped off the AP wire over to Sam. He shrugged. 

“That’s Mitsakis for you,” he said, “but at least it’s under a hundred words. It’ll fit.”

“That guy paid a lot of money,” said Hannah, reading the rest of the press release. 

“That yacht is worth a lot of money,” said Sam, who liked to think he knew a thing or two about yachts. 

“Sure,” said Hannah, “but where did he get it all?”

Sam raised his eyebrows at Hannah, and she knew she’d nailed it. They smiled at each other. 

“That is a great question,” Sam said. “Go answer it.” 

copyright 2019 by Kate Flaherty