Kate Flaherty is a fiction writer and essayist formed in the great state of New Hampshire (or rather from there), but she doesn’t subscribe to the “Live Free or Die” philosophy if only because it seems a tad extreme. Her work has appeared in several literary magazines where the stakes are high and the rewards low, and she suspects this limited success has surely set her on the path to ruin. . .

Current projects? I am shopping a memoir, What I Didn’t Do, a story of adolescent awakening in small-town New Hampshire in the mid-’80s, a place where Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” campaign was irrelevant, mainly because in Northern New England most people say nothing at all. Except, perhaps, me, Kate Flaherty, who was usually remembered as the girl who never shut up. For a free sample of the memoir, read Chapter 4, published as “What We Didn’t Do: Summer, 1982” in the online literary magazine 1966: A Journal of Creative Nonfiction. (Flip to page 28).

Future projects currently under construction? A fish-out-of-water novel on life in pre-Katrina New Orleans featuring a girl, a bar, several ghosts and voodoo queens, plus a boy in a Spiderman suit.

A memoir based on bouncing around the country in search of the almighty dollar. Why yes, the first page has been published. But it was in Brevity and it’s really short so have no fear. Here it is.

Non-writing future projects? Building a cabin in the woods (or maybe just living in a cabin in the woods–I’m really not that handy), going to a minor league baseball game with Stephen King, and having my name in the liner notes of a record album where it will read, “Handclaps provided by Kate Flaherty”.


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  1. Hi Kate! Thanks for the note on “I Blame the Ronettes,” that was so kind. Love your blog. Heading over to Prairie Schooner to check out more of your work.

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