Ted Talks About the Power of Fiction

March 31, 2013


While I work on my next blog for Ploughshares, I wanted to share this little TedED talk on the power of fiction. If you’re not familiar with Ted talks, and you’re ready to slip down the Internet rabbit hole for a few hours, check them out. Ted talks are the best of what the Internet has to offer–a free exchange of valuable ideas, insights, and inspiration.

I’ve watched many on my own, shared many with friends, and shown the shorter TedED videos in my classroom. I show Vi Hart videos in math and science (and after I showed Hart’s fabulous fibonacci video this year, I followed it up with this great video of a kid in NY who created a solar collector based on the fibonacci pattern of oak trees), and I also show TedEd videos on linguistics and writing techniques during literacy. This morning I watched this video on the power of fiction.

I wasn’t surprised at all that I’m not the only one believes that sometimes the greater truth–and power–is found in a novel rather than a newspaper article, a song rather than a speech, and a painting instead of yet one more proclamation from a politician who cares more about his reelection campaign than he does about his constituents.



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