The Best of Jackson’s Star Market Haiku

March 19, 2010

The Best of Jackson’s Star Market Haiku

A few selections from the poetry I wrote in-between customers during the five years I worked at Jackson’s Star Market where I slowly made my way up the corporate ladder, from cash register to courtesy booth to bookkeeper. I’m sometimes a little amazed I ever made it out—and I admit I still occasionally get slightly traumatic flashbacks whenever I hear sappy Elton John or Gordon Lightfoot while being bathed in flickering fluorescent lighting. . . and I know I’m not the only soul who’s passed a year or two there (too many?). I’d love to hear what you did to keep your brains alive during your time served. . .and may I just add here that yes, this is not actual haiku–it’s just what I thought my poetry looked like when I wrote it on these narrow little register receipts.


men in moustaches


remind me of


who have lost


two front



I am like feta cheese. . .





clip your coupons

save those pennies, and

maybe one day

you can afford the expensive beer


change sticky from pocket candy

and restaurant mints

is not as bad

as money pulled from a shoe


a beautiful man


through my line


a single peach




grapes get lost


the produce scale

and turn

into raisins

so what

will happen to me



this register?


5 Responses to “The Best of Jackson’s Star Market Haiku”

  1. Fuse said

    How did I pass the time?

    -talking with Drever.
    -ogling yourself, Cami, Kirsten, and the Moran sisters (remember them? Very tall “summer people” from Kansas, I think?).
    -hiding in the dairy cooler.
    -sitting on the benches out front eating quantities of food that now frighten me- two pieces of cheese cake and a quart of Hershey’s chocolate milk as a “snack” was not unheard of.


  2. Kate Flaherty said

    Oh God I forgot about eating crap food at break. I probably would have eaten better if I’d worked at Dairy Queen. And of course I remember the Moran girls! I’m pretty sure one even married a Gilford boy, believe it or not. She probably met him at Jackson’s Star Market. . .

  3. Fuse said

    If I remember correctly there were like 30 Moran siblings and 28 of them were girls.

    I also remember that every year in honor of some Armenian holiday, the owner, Jack Avadisian (sp?) would have us erect this big table near the bakery and cover it with a display of Armenian products (flat bread, some sort of hummus-like dip, etc.) and then he would get REALLY angry when nobody bought any of it. It made me wonder if he was at all aware of Gilford’s “demographics.”

    Also, what’s up Ken Barrett!?

  4. Meredith said

    How many of us worked at Star? Did we overlap? Was I even ever there? I remember trying to learn to smoke and trying to quit at the same time. I’m glad I was successful at that.

  5. Julie Nash said

    Love these Kate. I think Haiku is an unappreciated art form.

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